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Peach Fruit Leather Recipe

I just read the best post ever. It had nothing to do with peach fruit leather. I wish I could say it was mine, but it wasn’t. To sum it up, you can’t motivate yourself to succeed- you need to be self-disciplined. Oh, it was such a great read and applies to anything you are slacking on! Check it out here.


In early August I bought the most beautiful bushel of peaches. See?! They were perfect in shape, color, and taste. I loved every.single.juicy. bite!



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I just wanted the crate to sit in my kitchen so I could gawk, smell, and dream of warm peach cobbler. But because they weren’t injected with cancer causing, shelf life increasing chemicals, I had to get moving on using them up. I made my first attempt at fruit leather.



First I needed one of these fancy silicone baking mats. I ordered these from Amazon, based on reviews, and I LOVE them!!! They are so easy to use and super easy to clean!!!







I needed to use the big blue one, it worked flawlessly!!!



Healthy snacks, quick and easy, quick and easy health snacks, peach recipes, peach fruit leather, homemade, not processed, no refined sugar



I pureed peaches, added a little honey and poured it into the pan:



Healthy snacks, quick and easy, quick and easy health snacks, peach recipes, peach fruit leather, homemade, not processed, no refined sugar



Then I put it in the oven at the lowest temperature for 6 hours. It was supposed to be 6-8 hours, but it looked done and we were ready to go to bed. I took it out and touched it. In some spots it was done, but in other spots it was too soft. Insert heavy sigh.


I set it out hoping it would magically be fine in the morning. Nope. I decided to put it back in the oven for another hour. I checked on it and it looked… crispy!! Insert heavy sigh and broken spirit.


My son was in the kitchen with me, excited about trying it. Disappointed that it was crispy and bitter, he agreed we should just throw it away. As I was chipping away at it, I used the failure as a teaching opportunity and told him we are just going to keep trying until we get it right!


So, we did just that. I started over and put a new batch in the oven.


And, it turned out perfect!



Healthy snacks, quick and easy, quick and easy health snacks, peach recipes, peach fruit leather, homemade, not processed, no refined sugar


Wouldn’t it be soooooooooo much easier to just buy a box of fruit leather? Why go through the pain of waiting 6-8 hours for fruit leather? It seems like a waste of time, right?




It’s more than worth your time. It’s a wholesome snack that isn’t processed and sweetened with refined sugar. And, you made it. You put in the hard work and time to make it from scratch. Do you know what that means?! You’ll eat less of it!! Yep, when it’s easy to grab a bag of fruit snacks you didn’t make and just buy more of, you’ll eat them up real quick. But, when you put forth great effort to make a master piece you are going to slow down and enjoy it. Because when it’s gone, you’ll have to make more!


And, not to mention sugar is making us sick – it’s slowly killing us. We are addicted to it like a drug. We are eating too much of it because we are rushed and always looking for the fastest way to get something done instead of slowing down to reap the reward of better food for better health. My health had become my last priority. I put more work into my landscape and keeping organized closets than I did my health!




When I start to feel overwhelmed, I take shortcuts on the food I buy and prepare. Our Grandma’s don’t shutter at the thought of baking bread or putting a home cooked meal on the table after a busy day – why do we? Because it’s not quick and easy. Did you know it’s not at all faster to go out to eat than it is to prepare a home cooked meal? It’s easier, but not faster.


To make sure it doesn’t sound like I am talking out of both sides of my mouth, here is the message I am trying to send through my blog. Healthy can be quick and easy, with a little planning and better choices. Quick and easy can be pop tarts or it can be instant oatmeal. It’s obvious what the healthier choice is, but when we are hungry and rushed grabbing pop tarts doesn’t require a few extra minutes to add water and heat in the microwave.


When I started this blog, I wanted people to join me in conquering the challenges of weight loss. After I put a few posts together, I wasn’t in love with my strategy. I was running out of challenges and after a few weeks I just didn’t feel as passionate about the weight loss challenges I was posting as when I first started. So, I am changing directions, which will give you a closer look into my life and hopefully solve your mealtime woes.


I am staying with my original plan of posting the vegetarian and vegan recipes I’ve grown up with, but I am going to bring new light to quick, easy, and healthy. There isn’t one of us that doesn’t get sucked in by a Pinterest post that says ‘Quick & Easy,’ right? I mean, seriously, if making dinner isn’t easy we are ordering a pizza. But I have found that those recipes often require me to fly to some remote island for a dash of a specialty ingredient I’ll never use again!


Around here, you’ll get tried and true recipes that will make your husband proud of you and your kids asking for more! It’s true! I am going to shake things up in my corner of the Internet by teaching you how to rewrite recipes so they aren’t daunting, how to plan ahead to turn a time consuming recipe into a quick and easy recipe, and teach you how to substitute ingredients to make a recipe healthier.


Listen, I don’t want to give you false hope. We aren’t going to make lasting changes over night. Just like weight loss, we’ll slowly and steadily work toward better mealtime goals. And, let’s face it. Quick and easy doesn’t always mean healthy. You are going to have to plan ahead and put some work into this. It’s going to take practice. You didn’t just wake up knowing how to put your make-up on, you practiced. You didn’t just walk into the bakery and find your favorite donut, you tried all of them first!


Here’s the thing. Failure is a gift that keeps on giving. If you want to be successful, don’t give up. Keep trying! And, you don’t just need to find your long lost motivation. You need to be self-disciplined. Read this, she puts it way better than I ever could!


Let’s work together for better overall health in our homes, which is not limited to what we eat. That includes our marriage, too!



Healthy snacks, quick and easy, quick and easy health snacks, peach recipes, peach fruit leather, homemade, not processed, no refined sugar


Peach Fruit Leather

Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 6 hours
Total Time 6 hours 5 minutes


  • 3 cups Peaches, Pureed
  • 1-2 tbsp Honey


  1. Preheat oven at lowest setting, most likely 150-170 degrees. Line 11 x 17 pan with silicone mat. 

  2. Peel and cut peaches. Puree.

  3. Add honey until desired taste. Puree. 

  4. Spread puree over silicone lined pan. Pound pan on counter top several times to distribute evenly. 

  5. Bake on lowest oven setting temperature for 6-8 hours. Watch carefully after the 6 hour mark to make sure the fruit leather doesn't get overdone.